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Join Award-Winning filmmaker Rebecca Coley on this introduction to filmmaking course. Supported by Youth Arts Jersey this four day course will cover:


1 day prep, 1 day shoot and  2 days edit (+ pick up shots if necessary)


Participants will learn about the whole filmmaking process; from brainstorming for ideas, work shopping their story, introduction to camera and basic lighting and sound recording.


This is a fun practical course where we will cover the basics of filmmaking and participants will get involved in making their own short films.


In groups they will be designated a role. They will write a script and storyboard in the pre-production stage and then shoot the film during the production process and go through the post-production, editing and polishing of the final film.


There will be a film screening at St James Centre at the end of the course and they will be able to take home a copy of their short film.

If you want to find out more detail about Photo Academy or if you want to check availability and prices then please CONTACT US​

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