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Weekly Workshops

We offer a number of Weekly Workshops over a number of afternoons and evenings throughout the year.



ARTS AWARD - Get help compiling the music, dance, drama or photography you have been creating and put it together for an Award.  FREE!


UKULELE CLUB - Tuesday nights from 4-6pm  @ £1/session


DANCE CLUB - Juniors on Saturday mornings, 12-2.30pm @ £1.50/Session & Seniors on Tuesday nights, 7-6pm @ £1/Session


DRAMA CLUB - Tuesday nights from 7-9pm  @ £1/session


QUIZ NIGHTS  - Drop in for chit - chat, a shot at Bar-Billiards and/or win a note or two in our random music quizes! Look out for dates.




Interested? Then please CONTACT US

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