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Our Rock Academy has become one of the Island's most sought after youth music experiences.  Courses are held in the Easter, Summer & Christmas holidays.  Course dates are published in the preceding term. Rock Academy combines a great musical experience alongside a social and supportive environment for young musicians.  Participants must be aged between 11-17yrs (inclusive) and must have a basic musical experience in at least one of the five musical disciplines; bass guitar, guitar, vocals, keyboards and drums – we allocate five places to each discipline.  

Students will enjoy 5 days receiving shared music tuition sessions in the morning then forming bands in the afternoon - rehearsing and compiling songs towards a concert.  The course days run from 10.00am to 4.30pm and there is a morning, lunch and afternoon break.  The final day is a full 10am to 9.30pm day ending in a fantastic musical performance to invited guests.


If you want to find out more detail about ROCK ACADEMY or to check dates, availability and prices then please CONTACT US

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