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GIG Academy

Our Gig Academy has become the de-facto “in at the deep-end” opportunity for young musicians to experience building a band, rehearsing a high quality set-list and performing a real gig, at a real venue, to a real audience – for real cash!

Gig Academy has been designed to take young people who have graduated from Rock School, or who have basic experience of working in a band – this is not a course for beginners.

The course takes place over March and April – and we work with two bands in parallel. Sessions will cover all aspects of music, performance, work attitude/ethic and the music technology required to get up on stage and present a high quality performance expected at a respected venue by a paying audience. This is high pressure stuff! 

Bands are given £50.00 each at the beginning of the course to spend as they choose on their performance - be it charity shop outfits, a can of Coke for every attendee or a set of glossy posters!  The bands also get allocated a member of staff to support them in developing an image and publicity for their performance so the experience is the complete package. 

Tutors are experienced young local musicians, and have been recruited to mould the band into a professional, gigging band that will be paid for the entertainment they provide.

If you want to find out more detail about GIG ACADEMY or to check availability and prices then please CONTACT US

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