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Song Academy is a guided experience for a small group of young, new singer-songwriters.  It will:

  • Help participants draw on experiences to form meaningful lyrics

  • Explore writing poetic and rhyming songs

  • Develop accompaniments and musicians for performance

  • Record a demo CD

Song Academy will be held over four days in the school holiday at 10.00am to 3.00pm.  The course will be run by an experienced musician and performer and supported by a youth worker, culminating in the recording of a Song School E.P. containing all the songs from the course, professionally recorded. 

The course is open to young people aged School Yr 9-18yrs who should have some basic knowledge of poetry, lyric writing or musical accompaniment. We are fully equipped with instruments, stationary, rehearsal and recording facilities and refreshment/snack bar so all participants needs are catered for on-site. 



If you want to find out more detail about SONG Academy or to check availability and prices then please CONTACT US​


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